At Haseltine we endeavour to cultivate a love of mathematics into all of our students, ensuring an excitement and enthusiasm for the subject so that pupils share their teachers’ passion.

The language of mathematics is universal and at Haseltine we have adopted a mastery approach to the teaching and learning of the subject. Delivering the three aims of the National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving, we endeavour to cultivate a love of mathematics in all of our students, ensuring an excitement and enthusiasm for the subject so pupils can share their teachers’ passion.

To assist children in achieving this, we use the White Rose Primary Scheme of Learning in order to both support and challenge pupils’ understanding. Underpinning this pedagogy is a belief that all children can achieve in mathematics at Haseltine.

We encourage children to share their mathematical thinking and believe that this is important for all children as it will develop their confidence within the subject.

Based on the curriculum, we are developing our children’s abilities to be able to use the skills that they obtain during lessons, and giving the children the chance to use these in all areas of the curriculum. We use real life circumstances in order to develop their problem solving capabilities so children are able to apply this in their own lives.

Children are also given the opportunity to develop their love of mathematics through the use of technology. Every class has access to iPads where children are able to use a number of apps, or the internet, to further their understanding.

At Haseltine we aim to give every child confidence in mathematics by putting the magic into learning so that pupils develop mathematical fluency, reasoning and a love of numbers!

White Rose National Curriculum Progression Years 1 – 6

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