At Haseltine we believe that it is through the teaching of Geography that children learn about a variety of places and locations and the communities that live within them. We embed the teaching of Geography within a curriculum which is both engaging and relevant to our pupils.

Children learn about the world from a local, national and international perspective and are encouraged to make comparisons and contrasts based on their own experiences. At every opportunity, we connect geography to other subjects, especially English, where children can show off their new knowledge through their writing.

At Haseltine, we aim to stimulate the children’s interest and curiosity about their surroundings. We also encourage children to develop their knowledge and understanding of where places are and what they are like, including an appreciation and understanding of the different cultures around the world. Our aim is that by the time they leave us they are fully aware of what it is to be a global citizen with local, national and global responsibilities. Through the teaching of geography, we hope to empower our children to express who they are and where they come from and respect others right to do so as well.

Fieldwork opportunities

We hope to immerse the children with opportunities that enable them to acquire the geographical skills and knowledge needed to understand places and themes. These are then implemented through map work, orienteering and fieldwork such as grid referencing challenges, compass work and being able to explore their local area in more detail. Children in year 5 also attend a residential trip during the year.

View our Geography Curriculum below.

Geography Curriculum
Geography – Progression of Knowledge and Skills

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