Our Curriculum

What we teach your children

An innovative and creative curriculum

We will offer the children at Haseltine a balanced curriculum with a wide range of subjects and learning which is personalised to their individual needs.

We will provide a curriculum which meets the needs of the academic, personal and social development of each child. We will enable children to make decisions about their learning and have a clear understanding of next steps. Our curriculum will ensure that our children become independent, enthusiastic and confident learners.

Daily English and Mathematics lessons

Every child will have daily English and mathematics lessons. We also teach: historygeographyartPEDTFrenchPSHCEsciencemusic and drama.

Children learn six major religions in RE: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism. Our emphasis is always on giving the children a moral understanding and knowledge of religious beliefs and practices to enable them to become tolerant, caring members of society.

Curriculums for individual subjects

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